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Thursday, 2 January 2014

I really was supermum this morning....

For the past few posts I have been talking about being supermum. This morning that actually happened and I was a supermum. To do this with a young baby is sometimes impossible, but today I did it. I did the following:
Fed, changed and put darling son down for a nap.
I put one load of washing in the machine and hung it out, and now have a second load in the machine.
Scrubbed the shower clean, though I haven't worked out how to remove what I am guessing is calcium deposits on the glass shower door.
Scrubbed the bathroom sink until it was truly white again.
Oh and cleaned the toilet.
Cleaned up the dishes in the kitchen minus the few that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher.
Ate breakfast before noon.
Looked at nappy patterns as thinking of making a bamboo fitted nappy and see how that goes at night/day. Will let you know how that works.
Oh and maybe one of the most important things have a shower including washing my hair.

I feel like I actually accomplished something and am a better housewife than before. A teething baby can put a damper on things some days, though I shouldn't really use my darling son as an excuse.

When was the last time you felt like a superparent?

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays everyone...

Christmas can be one of the most stressful holidays of the year no matter what country you are in. And our house is no different.

It is 11pm on Christmas eve and I am making rum balls and cake-pops for tomorrows family dinner. Have never made either before, well the first attempt at cake-pops was a total flop so I am not counting it. Decided after following the rum ball recipe to the t that I am crazy to be doing this.

Dip your filling balls in chocolate... Hmm that doesn't work the filling just melts when you dunk it in the warm chocolate. Decided on putting the chocolate in a zip-lock bag and snipping a corner then pouring it over the filling balls. They look a total mess, but it works. Tastes nice either way.

I do in a way wish that I had decided on something simple like my Berry and Vanilla Cake but I wanted to do something special since it is Christmas. I have learnt that I should practice first, not make a recipe that I have never done before.

Ok it is now midnight, well 8 minutes off midnight so time for bed...

p.s, photos of my unpretty rum balls to come.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It's ok Darling I'm Supermum - Part Three

It's ok darling I will put the cat out at 4.30am when she wakes me after trying to get you up, but only after I wait 5 minutes for her to eat the biscuits that she turned her nose up a dinner, then crawl under the table to pull her out after I open the backdoor and she turns and runs back inside.

It's ok darling I don't need to eat breakfast until lunch time, you eat yours at the normal time.

It's ok darling I will prepare and cook a full roast dinner, even though I have asked multiple times, including when you got up today to help with prepping the veges.

It's ok darling I will feed the baby while trying to eat breakfast.

It's ok darling I will feed the baby while watching the ideal cooking time for the roast disappear into the past.

It's ok darling I will change the nappy that you mentioned was starting to smell slightly.

It's ok darling I will change that same dirty nappy that I asked you to change while I had a shower.

It's ok darling I will hang out your freshly washed work clothes.

It's ok darling I will calm the crying baby.

It's ok darling I will hold a sleeping baby while I do everything because he wont sleep during the day unless in my arms, no matter what I try.

It's ok darling you just dig the base for the wood shed, even though it is summer and we don't have any wood yet. I understand it needed to be done today.

It's ok darling I'm Supermum you know.

Note: I understand darling that feeding the baby is a little hard for you since he is exclusively breastfed. But when I ask you to help with dinner, just peeling the veggies is all, that you will actually help me.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Denying the Breast

I could probably be labeled a bad mother for doing this, but when you are sick and tired of being used as a pacifier the boob no longer becomes available. My son at present is using me as a pacifier and wants to be in my arms to have free access to my breasts. He doesn't suck for food most of the time but will just suck for the sake of sucking. I will gently detach him and he is generally asleep at this point.

Carefully I stand up with him in my arms and take him to his cot to sleep the rest of his nap. I stupidly think that he is in a deep enough sleep to stay asleep when I put him down. But low and behold as with every other time I put him down during the day he wakes with big smiles. I try to get him back to sleep but to no avail. If it's night I can leave him and he will go to sleep on his own but during the day he won't take a bar of it and will cry until picked up. Then seek the breast again.

DOn't get me wrong, if he is really showing signs of being hungry I will feed him, but the constant sucking is just getting too much. He gets irritable from no sleep, but then will be happy the rest of the time. I am at my wits end.

Today is not a good day for lack of sleep, we have a BBQ to go to and I need to make a plate, but his clinginess is putting a damper on that.


Friday, 6 December 2013

It's ok darling I'm a supermum, part two

It's ok darling I can do it all.

This post and the previous one is the outcome, if you haven't guessed already, my frustration at my partner aka darling. I am in a thoroughly foul mood and he just isn't making it any better.

Today is just one of those days where housework has to be done. I know that my father won't really care that the bathroom hasn't been cleaned in a week, or that the washing that covers our large 3 seater couch still hasn't been folded and put away despite being washed a few weeks ago. But when a friend, not family comes over it is totally another deal.

So in order to make the house look semi presentable I, and I mean I, cleaned the bathroom, hung out the washing that was in the machine, and started to fold the washing. In the end I just gave up and stopped half way through the washing, we only need one half of the couch.

Sure he puts clothes in the washing machine and fills the dishwasher, but other than that I haven't seen him do much else. He couldn't even manage to turn the washing machine on or offer to get me something to eat. An apple and small slice of cake at 9am will not last very long when breastfeeding.

Thank god my little one has been happy today and not all grizzly as with previous days this week. Not that my partner took much notice of the crying baby anyway.

I am highly tempted to dip into our savings to buy some fluffies brand new, am sick of buying secondhand ones at one a week. 

It's ok darling I'm a supermum you know!

It's ok darling I will change our baby's clothes for the 5th time today.
It's ok darling I will clean up the explosive dirty nappy/diaper again.
It's ok darling I will change my clothes when the baby brings up milk on me not you for 3rd time today
It's ok darling I will wash all YOUR clothes so that you have socks.
It's ok darling I will make you lunch.
It's ok darling I will miss lunch so I can hang your washing on the line
It's ok darling I will calm the crying baby
It's ok darling I will keep the baby quiet while you sleep
It's ok darling I can sleep through the lawnmower
It's ok darling I will get up and let the cat out, you just keep snoring
It's ok darling I will clean the bathroom before family comes to visit
It's ok darling I will clean up the kitchen even though I did it yesterday
It's ok darling I will make you dinner.
It's ok darling I will find time to have sex
It's ok darling I will just drink water at the BBQ tonight, don't worry I don't need anything nice to drink, you just drink your rum, I will be fine.

It's ok darling I'm SUPERMUM!!!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Day dreaming, lay-buys and baby carrier addiction.

My partner would kill me if he knew I was awake right now. My darling son has been resisting "real" naps during the day so I end up exhausted by the time bedtime comes. But as per usual I am wide awake at midnight and need to wind down.

Current wind down is to browse all the cloth nappy shops online and see if there is anything within my limited budget, so far not yet unless I lay-buy. Mainly it is just me dreaming about the cute ones that I would buy if I had more money. Oh money thou art a heartless bitch, please I would like more of you.

But I recently started to dream about the woven wraps I would like to own. After putting a hole in my stretchy wrap it is time to search for a new baby carrier, but with so many choices and most well out of my price range lay-buy is essential once I work out what it is that I want mind you.

Ok now that it is almost 12.30am and the typing errors that occurring I think I should turn off the lights and say goodnight.

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